For Debtors

This is all you need to know about InvestKredo’s work in order to make the right decision

Why was I contacted by InvestKredo asking me to pay my debt if I took a loan from a bank?

he bank where you took the loan is selling off its assets. Your loan is the bank’s asset. InvestKredo bought a portfolio with your loan at one of the open auctions.
You can see the information about the auction on the website of the bank, where you took the loan, the website of FGVFL and the official portal of information disclosure on state auctions ProZorro.Продажи.

InvestKredo is my creditor now?

Yes. All the loan case files are now with InvestKredo and we intend to agree with you on a voluntary settlement of the existing debt before the case is (will continue) trial and enforcement proceedings. According to the legislation of Ukraine, InvestKredo is entitled to enforcement of debt and collateral.

Can I repay the loan from the original lender (bank)?

No. Any payments you make to a bank account or to third parties will not affect the amount owed to InvestKredo in any way.

What's in store for me if I don't pay my loan debt?

Ignoring the terms of the contract and the terms of payment negatively affects the credit history and increases the amount of debt. The borrower gets into the black list of all credit organizations without the possibility to use credit services in the future. It is not necessary to count on that the outstanding debt will be cancelled someday. We have dedicated a section to this issue on our website. Please read it carefully and make the right decision.

What awaits you
Can InvestKredo take away my property?

Yes. InvestKredo is entitled to enforce the property. However, the debtor may avoid litigation, loss of property, time and money. The credit debt issue is resolved with the help of InvestKredo experts as soon as possible.

What can I get confiscated beyond my collateral?

All funds in the accounts, movable and immovable property of the family and the debtor’s corporate rights to own the business may be collected.

Can I go to court?

Yes, you have the right to defend your interests in court, just like the creditor. But please note that receiving a court decision often takes years and almost 100% of cases are announced in favor of the creditor. This means that during the long process of judicial recovery, the debt will only increase, there will be costs for judicial and enforcement proceedings. And your debt will still be collected in a compulsory manner with the involvement of public or private executive bodies. It would be advisable to consult with our specialists before filing a lawsuit or trying to find help on the side of any other way. Describe your situation and we will solve it in a mutually beneficial way.

What happens if I ask for help from third parties or lawyers?

That’s your right, but assess the damages. For the services of a lawyer you will have to pay a large amount of money, which could be used to repay the loan, and in fact, to solve the problem. Do not forget that the actions of InvestKredo are in the legal field and the lawyers will not be able to prove a violation of your rights by the lender or save you from credit obligations.

I accept the duty. How can the debt issue be resolved soon?

We are open to dialogue and ready to provide several solutions to the problem. You can preview them on the website or leave your contacts for feedback and our specialist will advise you.

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