Forcibly lose

Now you’re playing the worst-case scenario. We ask you to leave your emotions and look at the situation responsibly

You choose the path of loss

for lawyers


Increase in debt

Loss of movable
and immovable property

Arrest of bank

with employment

Restrictions on
traveling abroad

Corporate dispossession
of business

credit history

The lawyers you hire have the advantage of delaying the case. The longer the trials go on, the more you pay them. Going to dubious organizations for help, filing and losing lawsuits, you accumulate debts and lose time. Your mortgaged property will be arrested, sealed, appraised and sold at auction. If the amount received from the sale is not enough to pay off the debt, the money in your accounts, other movable and immovable property, corporate rights are subject to recovery. De facto, to the amount of your credit debt will be added payment for all resources used by InvestKredo.

Do not go into conflict! There is another way